Helping Special Education one family at a time!

What IS an IEP Coach?


Who Am I?

*A parent, just like YOU, who helps other parents navigate the world of special education.

*Former Special Education and Inclusion teacher with multiple years of experience in writing, implementing and revising IEPs and 504s.


What can I do for you?

*Work alongside you to review your child's IEP, to make this plan prepare your child for a better future.

*Navigate the special education process to identify your child with you.

*Brainstorm solutions for both. academic or behavior issues with you.

*Help you understand acronyms, such as FBA, LRE, and IEE.

*Guide you to maintain a professional and peaceful approach during meetings.

*Assist you to become your child's voice at the IEP table.


What if you still have questions?

*Schedule a FREE one hour consultation.

*Visit my Testimonials page to see how I have helped other parents like you.

Interested in your *FREE* one hour consultation?

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