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Client Testimonials

  • " Janet is such a blessing, her knowledge and support was exactly what our family needed to help us Advocate for our son. My son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 8 years old. My son’s GPA was A’s B’s and C’s in Elementary school. My son did not have an IEP or a 504 plan Accommodations until a few months into his Sophomore year. Freshman and Sophomore year was very challenging, his classes got very difficult for him. My son’s grades were failing with two D’s and one F. My son was 15, finishing his Sophomore year. It was noticeable at home and school that his ADHD symptoms were impacting his daily life. I knew we needed support to get my son help, it was time to advocate for Tyler. I was referred to Janet by a mutual friend. After meeting with Janet I knew her compassion, encouragement and knowledge was exactly the support we needed. I felt confident that I was making the right decision to ask Janet to guide me through this journey. We researched and discussed what was in my son’s best interest, we truly felt an IEP would give my son the support he needed to be most successful. On the day of the meeting we were prepared for a 504 plan with specific accommodations. However, we were very prepared to request an IEP. Thankfully a math Teacher also agreed that my son would benefit from an IEP. We left the team meeting with an IEP for my son going into his Junior year. Janet and I felt like we won the Super Bowl! We look forward to watching our son succeed this school year. Our family is very thankful that Janet was with me on this journey. Sincerely, Tonya"
  • "I would like to say that Mrs. Disotell is a former teacher to both of my girls and has left such an impression. I have a daughter whom I have been trying to get on an IEP for 3 years. If it wasn't for me hearing that Mrs. Disotell would be specializing in special needs, I could not have accommplished what we have so far. We are so grateful that she is helping us through this process. If I only knew what needed to be done 3 years ago, we wouldn't be so stressed on figuring out how to get this little girl on track. We are so very GRATEFUL for everything Mrs. Disotell has done for us. There are no words that can express how relieved we are for her help. THANK YOU."  {Surprise, AZ Parent}